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Gigahoes Update

Hey Everyone. Gigahoes has just been 50% funded! We’d like to thank everyone who’s helped us so far by donating and spreading the word. We still have 50% to go, so if you’d like to help us all you need to do to is go to our Kickstarter page and donate , or help us spread the word.

Gigahoes Kickstarter

Want to helps us out, but don’t have any money. Good news, there’s an easy and free way you can help us. All you need to do is go to our Kickstarter page and leave us a comment. Just sign in using your Facebook account and leave us a comment like ‘This is show sounds awesome.’ That’s it. Leaving comments helps the project grow in popularity with Kickstarter’s algorithms, which in turn gets the project seen by more people browsing the site. So comments really help us out.

Also, Adam Lash and Kevin Gilligan hosted a Gigahoes themed trivia night at Rockbar in the West Village. And Gigahoes actress Kimberlee Walker preformed during the ‘Name that Movie’ round.

If you know what movie that monologue was from, leave us a comment, on our Kickstarter page.

Thanks for all your support so far everyone, we really appreciate it.

Literary Poetry Pub Crawl

The Greenwich Village Literary Pub Crawl, an icon in the Village for over 16 years, is honoring poetry month Saturday, April 26th, by dedicating the tour to the many poets who have helped make the Village the most literary neighborhood in the nation. The tour will be rife with recitations of the greatest, most influential poets of the Village, all while relaxing over a drink at their favorite watering holes. See where Millay’s most iconic lines were written, order a whiskey where a poet drank himself to death, see where Poe cared for his dying bride and wrote some of his most haunting stories, walk in the path of poets who incited equal rights demonstrations, gay pride riots, women’s suffrage movements…

From Beats to Bards to Beers- poets who literally, or should we say “literarily” changed the world in a tiny corner of Manhattan.

If you have ever meant to come on the tour, come on April 26th and celebrate poetry the way it was meant to be celebrated. Over a beer.

Eric Chase
Owner, Tour Guide
Literary Pub Crawls and Walking tours

      Don't Miss April's Current Events:

Check out the monthly news round-up show CURRENT EVENTS, written and performed by Jarret Berenstein.

Why read the news during the month, when you can watch it all happen in one hilarious show? Each Current Events performance is brand new and written about all the news that just happened that month!

This month we are featuring stand up by the hilarious Andy Rocco and Alison Leiby!

Saturday, 4/26 at 9:30pm at The Tank Theater!