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      Don't Miss KL Thomas in "I Am Not an Allegory" by Libby Emmons:

Sketch Block Producer, KL Thomas is producing and performing in a new project, “I Am Not an Allegory” by Libby Emmons………..

Set in a small American city, I Am Not an Allegory (these are people i know), confronts sex, faith, and race from outside the perspective of the educated coastal class. Nine actors step off the stage and into reality to perform a play that takes place at this exact moment in your actual life. Outside the rush and tumble and race to the top of megatropolis America, six women and the men in their lives try to find meaning in lives that after 30 years, have moved from fantasy to reality.

Don’t miss a night of great theater and super sweet drink specials :D

Monday, November 10th
The Irish Exit
978 2nd Ave
NYC 10022
$10 cover charge
NO Drink minimum

Ames – Karen Bray
Danesha – Kimberlee Walker
Ruby – Dina Desmone
Mary Ellen – Tabitha Vidaurri
Marcia – KL Thomas
Jess – Lindsay Perry
Lando – Clifford Berry
Severin – Conor Daniel Bartram
Dan – Eliel Lucero

Director – Courtney Wetzel
Playwright – Libby Emmons
Stage Manager – Gretchen Thomas
Choreographer – Keila Fontánez La Salle

Produced by SoYoCo, Casey Gallagher and Sketch Block’s KL Thomas

Sketch Block’s recommendations for the last ay of The PIT’s New York City Sketch Festival:

The Striker Stage:
315pm - The Grape Dutches of York presents: “Enchantment Park: in 3D & 4D!!” Set during the 20th Anniversary Celebration of “America’s fifth most popular Amusement Park” the show follows a family as they spend their day at the park running into sexual mascots, Jewish campers, pedophiles that just don’t wanna grow up, and the master of merriment, the park’s founder: J.R. Merriweather! This is an immersive sketch show with stage/filmed sketches, and interactive “rides” that include 3D and 4D effects! Enchantment Park is unlike any sketch show you’ve seen before!

430pm - Using scenes, monologues, and filmed sketches, Unisex explores relationships between people – romantic, platonic and supernatural. Unisex brings a deep commitment to character and premise. Jason Messina and Tabitha Vidaurri have been writing and performing together since 2007. They met at art school and have since used their background in film studies as a foundation for strange and cinematic sketch comedy.

8pm - City Hall is a New York based sketch comedy group founded in 2005. Since their start they have performed at the Upright Citizen’s Brigade, The People’s Improv Theater, Ha Comedy Club, and the Broadway Comedy Club. Currently you can see City Hall monthly at The Tank, a theater in Times Square. City Hall has also performed across the country, in places such as: Boston, MA., Chicago, IL., Los Angeles, CA., Miami, FL., Washington DC, and Montreal.

915pm - Dinner for One is a Brooklyn based sketch comedy collective who like pushing comedic boundaries and watching “The Fault in Our Stars” together. They also enjoy flipping the audience on it’s head, in part to keep them guessing and wanting more but mostly it’s just because they look better upside down.

915pm - SOAP is dark and unafraid. Full of blood* and tragedy. And hopefully some logic. *Amount of blood can vary due to theater constraints.

1030pm - Cool Kid Comedy focuses on game style sketch writing while still maintaining the independent freedom of exploring the small absurdities in everyday life. Ranging from subtle to extremely justified bizarre humor, they focus on quick jokes and taking a relatable situation to an extreme place of heightening.

330pm - Pin Up Squirrels loves laughter but never at anyone else’s expense. We enjoy a good natured good time and try to challenge ourselves with every sketch to push boundaries and think funny thoughts.

5pm - Becky and Sam are Girls with Brown Hair, a sketch comedy duo with a monthly show at The Upright Citizens Brigade theatre in New York City. Becky and Sam met as interns at UCBeast and have been best friends ever since. Like, actually though we’re best friends. Girls with Brown Hair has performed all over the U.S. at festivals such as Austin Sketch Fest, Chicago Fringe Festival and NYC Sketch Fest, Jangleheart Circus, UCB Los Angeles and PHIT in Philadelphia.

8pm - Thomas is a boy.Masse is a girl. He is a Brit. She is an American.They fell in love. When they got married the took all of his British wit and her American enthusiasm, quirk, beauty, talent, loudness, vocal range, sense of civic duty, and booty shaking skills, mixed it all together, and birthed a weirdly adorable comedy baby. That baby is: We Are Thomasse.Their comedy relies on high concept ideas, charmingly absurd characters, clever verbiage, and a tendency to be on the squeakier side of clean. Even in that sketch about sluts. And the one about polite sex. Oh yeah, and the one about the KKK…

8pm - Cockadoodle Don’t an all female group that just can’t seem to give up that great 90s feel good vibe. And as always we have the wonderful accompaniment of Colwell- to give transitions the extra special something.

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It’s The Last Day of The PIT’s New York City Sketch Festival!!!

Check Out their lineup and our recommendations:

2:00p WTF / 301 Views
3:15p dopelgiggle / The Grape Dutches of York
4:30p Sandwich / Unisex
5:45p Total Babes Live / The Mansions
7:00p Forever Dog / DNA Comedy
8:00p City Hall
9:15p Dinner for One / SOAP
10:30p Cool Kid Comedy / His Majesty, the Baby

2:00p The Rolling Scones / Martha Cipolla Presents
3:30p Pin-Up Squirrels / KOKOMO
5:00p Sawyer and Hurley / Girls With Brown Hair
6:30p Showtime / The Blizzard of ’96
8:00p We Are Thomasse / Cockadoodle Don’t
9:15p Hopkins Comedy / Blunderbuss

We recommend: The Grape Dutches of York, Unisex, City Hall, Dinner for One, Soap, Cool Kid Comedy, Pin-Up Squirrels, Girls with Brown Hair, We Are Thomasse and Cockadoodle Don’t. Wrap up your weekend with some funny :D